The Far Infrared HotHouse and Chi Machine Combo
Both the The Hothouse and The Chi Machine from Hsin Ten Enterprises are both amazing products that work outstandingly on their own to improve your health and well being. However, for more dramatic results and benefits they can also been used together, providing a complete all over body massage and and therapeitic sauna, all at once!
A Hothouse and a Chi Machine in use.
If you haven't already discovered the Sun Ancon Chi Machine Click here for Chi Machine
As Chi Machine gently rocks you to and fro it massaging and oxygenating your body from head to toe, the deep penetrating warmth of the FIR Hothouse stimates the blood flow allowing your body to heal and regenerate. These machines compliment each other perfectly maximising the chi energy in your body whilst you simply lie down, relax and enjoy the soothing motion and warmth that the Chi Machine Hothouse and provide.
Using these machines together could not be simpler - Just place your ankles on the footrest of the Chi Machine and then place the Hothouse over the part of your body you prefer. Please note: the Hothouse is fairly lightweight in construction and sits on small rollers so it can be easily maneuvered into position once you are lying down.
For a more intense treatment session you can also add a second Hothouse, as pictured below, or even a third to create the Soqi Spa - the ultimate, total health experience available for use in the home - Soqi Spa for more information.
Two Hothouses and a Chi Machine in Use
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